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Tokyo revengers is a popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The first volume of the manga series was released on May 17, 2017. As of December 17, 2021, twenty-five volumes of Toyko revengers have been released. And As of January 2022, the manga had a total of 50 million copies in circulation.

It has been one of the most popular manga in Japan, and the manga also won the 44th Kodansha manga award for the shonen category in 2020. Tokyo Revengers is animated by Liden films, and the first episode of Tokyo revengers aired on April 11, 2021, and season 1 ended on September 18, 2021.

Tokyo Revengers Storyline

Tokyo revengers manga is the story of 26 years old boy, Takemichi Hanagaki, who learns that his middle school Ex-girlfriend was killed by the Tokyo manji gang. He also realizes that he could time travel to the past by shaking hands with Naoto Tachibana, who was the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana. Takemichi takes vows to save Hina.

Tokyo revengers are one of the most popular manga as the success rate of this manga is increasing incredibly. The plot twists and the fighting scenes of Tokyo revengers are the factors that make it more interesting. The stories of every character make the reader connect emotionally to the manga.

1. Takemichi Hanagaki

Name : Takemichi hanagaki
Birthday: June 25, 1991
Height: 5’5″/165cm
Zodiac sign: ♊ Gemini
Age :14 (Past), 26 (Present)

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main character of the Tokyo revengers manga series, he is a 26-year-old boy who works part-time in a convenience store who originally wanted to be a hero delinquent, but he leaves his middle school friends in order to stay away from danger when he realizes that he can time travel to past 12 years back: a time leaper he decides to save his friends who have died in the present.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (1)

Takemichi Hanagaki is the greatest protagonist who always loved his Friends and had a strong determination to save and protect his friends from danger even tho that would put him in danger. What makes Takemichi strong is the attitude of never giving back and always trying hard to achieve his goals. This attribute of Takemichi was liked by everyone and made everyone have faith in him.
He is not from Rich family background and was not good at fighting. He is the best version of a crybaby who’s empathetic and kind beyond his years and never gives up.

2. Manjiro Sano

Name: Manjiro Sano (Mikey)
Height :5’3″/162cm
Birthday: August 20, 1990
Zodiac sign: ♈ Aries
Age: 15 (Past), 27 (Present)

Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, is the second main lead of the Tokyo revengers manga series. Mikey was the leader and founding member of the Tokyo manji gang. Mikey was nicknamed ‘invisible Mikey’ and is the strongest character in Tokyo revengers manga. Ever since Mikey was a kid, he lived with his older brother Shinichiro Sano and his grandfather. And at the time Mikey was in elementary school, his younger sister Emma started living with them; that is when he got nicknamed as ‘Mikey’ so that his sister did not feel left out with a foreign name.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (2)

Mikey is the deuteragonist who turned-final antagonist. Due to the loss of both his older brother Shinichiro Sano and younger sister Emma Mikey lost himself to the darkness and turned evil. Mikey had found the Tokyo manji gang with his five friends with the motive of protecting each other and creating a new age, but in the end, due to the loss of his loved one, Mikey turns evil and starts following the wrong path.

3. Ken Ryuguji

Name :Ken Ryuguji
Birthday:May 10, 1990
Zodiac sign: ♉ Taurus
Age:15 (Past), 27 (Present)

Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, was one of the main characters in the Tokyo revengers manga series. Draken is a muscular teenager who was exceptionally tall for his age. Draken had blonde hair, and His head was shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple. Ken Ryuguji was the vice-captain of the Tokyo manji gang. Draken met Mikey when Mikey was in fifth grade. Later Draken tends to become very close to Mikey. Draken always stands by Mikey in every fight and every situation.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (3)

Draken had strong fighting skills the Moebius gang attacked him; even after being hit by a pole, he could take down 20 members, and unlike Mikey, Draken was more mature also took care of Mikey as a brother. Draken is a positive character who never wanted to do evil deeds and always believed that Toman should be fighting to create the new age of delinquents.

4. Keisuke Baji

Name: Keisuke Baji
Age:14 (Past)
Birthday: November 3, 1990
Height: 5’9″/175cm
Zodiac sign: Pieces

Keisuke Baji is one of the protagonists and essential characters of Tokyo revengers. Keisuke Bajiwas was the captain of the first division of the Tokyo manji gang and one of the founding members.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (4)

Baji was one of the most vital members of Toman, whose fighting skills were incredible, and even after getting an injury, he was able to fight. He decides to give his life to save his friend Kazutora. Baji was Mikey’s childhood friend and was very close to Mikey, due to which Baji Keisuke’s death was also one of the reasons Mikey turned evil.

5. Chifuyu Matsuno

Name: Chifuyu Matsuno
Age:13 (Past), 25 (Present)
Birthday:December 19, 1991
Height: 5’6″/168cm
Zodiac sign: Libra ♎

Chifuyu Matsuno is the protagonist and Takemichi’s right hand and one of the essential characters of the Tokyo revengers manga series. Chifuyu Matsuno is the vice-captain of the 1st division of the Tokyo manji gang, and he had great admiration for the previous first division captain Baji Keisuke.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (5)

Later after Baji’s death, Chifuyu Matsuno starts Putting his faith in Takemichi Hanagaki and starts following the dream of Baji, which is to protect Mikey, and TomanChifuyuMatsuno becomes a partner with Takemichi Hanagaki as advising him in every situation. From middle school, Chifuyu Matsuno was very strong at fighting; his fighting skills made even upper-level students fear him.

6. Takashi Mitsuya

Name: Takashi Mitsuya
Age: 15 (Past), 27-28 (Present)
Birthday: June 12, 1990
Height: 5’7″/170cm
Zodiac sign: Aquarius♒

Takashi Mitsuya Is one of the protagonists and essential characters of Tokyo revengers. Takashi Tetsuya was one of the founding members and captain of the second division of the Tokyo manji gang. Mistura was a young man with droopy lavender eyes, short silver-lilac hair, and a muscular body.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (6)

And he has the same Dragon tattoo as Draken. Mistura was one of the strongest members of the Tokyo manji gang and had incredibly fighting skills and strength.
Mistura was very close to the vice-captain of second division Hakkai Shiba. He always tells Hakkai to use strength only to protect himself and his Loved ones.

7. Tetta Kisaki

Name: Tetta Kisaki
Age: 13 (Past), 25 (Alternative timeline; Present)
Birthday: January 20, 1992
Height: 5’4″/164cm
Zodiac sign: Aquarius ♒

Tetta Kisaki is the main antagonist of the Tokyo revengers manga series; he is the character with true evil intention. He wanted to be part of Toman and rule Toman by manipulating Mikey and turning Toman into an evil organization to do bad deeds for money and frame.

Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (7)

Kisaki was a very cunning, ruthless, and ambitious individual who would achieve his goals by any means. Or Even by doing evil deeds, his dream was to rule Toman with fear, and his fighting skills were incredible and strong. Kisaki had an obsessive love for Hinata Tachibana since childhood. Seeing how Hinata was in love with Takemichi Hanagaki, he decided to kill Hinata Tachibana in the future.

Tokyo Manji Gang Characters List

SL NOCharacters
1Manjiro Sano
2Ken Ryuguji
3akemichi Hanagaki
4Chifuyu Matsuno
5Seishu Inui
6Takashi Mitsuya
7Hakkai Shiba
8Haruki Hayashida
9Ryohei Hayashi
10Nahoya Kawata
11Souya Kawata
12Yasuhiro Mutou
13Haruchiyo Sanzu
14Keisuke Baji
15Tetta Kisaki
16Kazutora Hanemiya
17Shuji Hanma
18Hajime Kokonoi
Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters, Birthdays, Age, Zodiac Signs, Wiki - Know Your Favourite Characters » Amazfeed (8)

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Who is the most popular Tokyo Revengers character? ›

Favorites: 5,055

Ken Ryuguji, commonly referred to as "Draken," instantly stole fans' hearts. As one of Tokyo Manji Gang's founding members and vice-president, Draken is a wildcard like many of his comrades.

Who is 13 years old in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Tokyo Revengers Statistics Chart
Tetta Kisaki13 (Past) 25 (Alternative timeline; Present)January 20, 1992
Shuji Hanma16 (Past) 28 (Present)October 27. 1989
Chifuyu Matsuno13 (Past) 25 (Present)December 19, 1991
Kazutora Hanemiya15 (Past) 27 (Present)September 16, 1990
23 more rows
Feb 25, 2023

What is Mikey's zodiac? ›

10 Aries: Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

However, the Aries (and Mikey) are often seen as courageous, determined people. Despite what adversity Mikey has faced, he keeps himself confident and optimistic. Mikey's traits as an Aries are definitely what make him a perfect fit for the Tokyo Manji leader.

Who is the 2 strongest in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Ken Ryuguyi, better known as Draken, falls second on the list of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers. He is one of Toman's founding members and the gang's vice president.

Who is the most popular girl in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Tachibana Hinata is the show's main female character and she acts as the love interest of the main character, Hanagaki Takemichi.

Who is Mikey's girlfriend? ›

5) Hinata Tachibana

While Mikey was extremely grateful for this, he never once mentioned Hina in the series after that. He likely used to hear about her from Takemichi, seeing as she is his girlfriend, yet he never seemed to care too much about the girl.

Who is Mikey's girlfriend in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Hinata Tachibana

The first time Mikey and Hina met was in chapter 5 when Hina slapped Mikey because she thought that he was the one who hurt Takemichi.

What is Mikey's age? ›

Majirō (Mikey) Sano is 15 years old (birthday: August 20th) in the past, making him 27 years old in the present. Mikey's height doesn't change, remaining 5'3.8″ (162 cm) in both the past and present.

What zodiac is Nezuko? ›

6 Leo: Nezuko Kamado

Much like the Leo, Nezuko is a warm and cheerful person that loves being close to and spending time with those she cares deeply about.

What zodiac is Draken? ›

As a Taurus zodiac sign, Draken is a multitasker. He pays close attention to detail and is a natural problem-solver, adapting quickly to obstacles that lie in the way.

How old is mitsuya? ›

Mitsuya was born on July 12, 1990. In the future, Mitsuya is already 27 years old. He is known to have a mother and two younger siblings, his mother's name is unknown. His sisters, Luna and Manna, appeared in Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 84.

Who is Mikey's crush? ›

Renet: In the events of "Turtles in Time", Mikey began to develop a crush on Renet, the time travel mistress apprentice. While the others tend to dislike Renet from bringing them to the Middle Ages and being a bit clumsy, Mikey instead admires Renet for her appearance and her cool fighting style.

What is Mikey's real name? ›

Little Mikey is a fictional boy played by John Gilchrist (born February 2, 1968) in an American television commercial promoting Quaker Oats' breakfast cereal Life. The ad was created by art director Bob Gage, who also directed the commercial. It first aired in 1971.

What is Mikey's blood type? ›

This movie features the last footage of film director Ted Demme. John Q and his son Mikey's blood type is B Positive. This is the third most common blood type in the world, with around 8.5% of people having it.

Is Mikey a villain? ›

Manjiro "Mikey" Sano is the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Who is stronger Mikey or Draken? ›

Though Draken and Kisaki are notable fighters in their own right, they still pale in comparison to Tokyo Revengers' strongest. Tokyo Manji Gang's leader, Sano Manjiro or Mikey, is indisputably the anime's strongest fighter. Other characters in the series even refer to him as the "Invincible Mikey" and for good reason.

Can Takemichi beat mikey? ›

Takemichi is not the best fighter in Tokyo Revengers, but he could keep up with Mikey under the influence of his Dark Impulses.

Who has a crush on Takemichi? ›

At the New Years festival Yuzuha admits to having a crush on Takemichi.

Who is the cutest boy in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Hanagaki Takemichi, Kazutora Hanemiya, Kokonoi Hajime, Sano Manjiro, and Ryuguji Ken are the top 5 most handsome and hottest male characters from Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi is the series' main or central character.

Who is the black hair girl in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Nahoya Kawata (Smiley)

Is Hinata Mikey's girlfriend? ›

Hinata is a middle school student and Hinata's girlfriend, and sister to Mikey.

Who is Emma to Draken? ›

Draken later shows up, much to Takemichi's and Hina's shock, until it was revealed Mikey and Emma were siblings. Draken then gives Emma a plush toy; the one which Emma payed attention to at an arcade the other day, and he wishes her a happy birthday before leaving.

Who is Mikey's sister? ›

Emma Sano (清水エマ) is Mikey's half-sister and Izana Kurokawa's younger sister. 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬.

Who is Takemichi wife? ›

After Takemichi and Hinata speak their vows and are married, the entire cast offers them their congratulations. Finally happy, Takemichi thanks everyone for their wishes as the series ends with a panel showing Hinata's bouquet tossed in the air.

Who was Takemichi's girlfriend? ›

Hinata Tachibana ( 橘 たちばな 日向 ヒナタ , Tachibana Hinata?) is Takemichi Hanagaki's girlfriend.

Is Emma Mikey's half sibling? ›

Emma Sano and her older half-brother Manjiro AKA Mikey (Tokyo Revengers).

Who is Mikey's father? ›

Manjiro Sano

Not much is seen with Mikey and his father. But, Makoto was very fond of his son and always gave him gifts before he died when Mikey was only three years old. Even after his death, Mikey regularly asked to his mother about him and wanted to know more about what he was like.

How tall is Baji? ›

Adding the fearless Keisuke Baji (Ver. B) to the gang, Baji stands at approximately 5.5" tall.

What is Mikey's fighting style? ›

Reigning ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion Mikey Musumeci is a buzzsaw of jiu-jitsu technique and an attack-oriented submission hunter of the highest degree.

Is Nezuko a female? ›

Nezuko Kamado (竈門 禰豆子) is the deuteragonist and main female protagonist of the 2016-2020 fantasy horror manga (and anime) series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and its stage adaption.

What is Nezuko real name? ›

Nezuko Kamado (Japanese: 竈門 禰豆子, Hepburn: Kamado Nezuko) is a fictional character in Koyoharu Gotouge's manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

What is Nezuko's date of birth? ›

December 28th

Who is Draken in love with? ›

Emma Sano. Despite not showing, Draken loves Emma very much. This is shown in his death and the Tenjiku arc, where Draken beats Mikey in anger for Emma's death.

Is Draken a girl? ›

Draken is a muscular teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age. His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple. His blonde hair is long on the top of his head and kept in a neat braid. He leaves a few strands of hair loose in the front.

Is Draken a girl or boy? ›

Draken is Baby Boy name.

Who does mitsuya love? ›

Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai and Mitsuya first met as children when Mitsuya stopped Hakkai from beating up another child.

Who is Mitsuya sister? ›

Luna Mitsuya ( 三ツ谷 みつや ルナ るな , Mitsuya Runa?) is the younger sister of Takashi and the older sister of Mana Mitsuya.

How old is Takemichi 2005? ›

Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old freeter, learns one day that his middle school ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, as well as her younger brother Naoto, have been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. When Takemichi is pushed in front of a train, he teleports exactly 12 years into the past to 2005.

Who is Mikey's closest friend? ›

For Mikey, Draken was not only his second in command, but also his best friend, confidant, and savior. Draken was the person who supported Mikey no matter what, always looking after him even when Mikey himself did not want this.

Who is Mikey's right hand? ›

2 Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

Draken is Mikey's right-hand man and best bud. Takemichi describes Draken as Mikey's heart, but that doesn't mean he won't put up a good fight.

What does Mikey call Draken? ›

Draken's childhood friend Mikey has the special privilege of calling the big bad Draken "Ken-Chin".

Is Mikey's hair dyed? ›

In the fourth timeline, being all grown up, Mikey's hair is black which is its natural color, resembling his brother Shinichiro's, as well as having to have got himself a tattoo on the left side of his neck near his left shoulder.

Is Mikey a girl or boy? ›

Mikey is a masculine Hebrew name meaning “who resembles God?” It is related to the Hebrew names Micah and Micheal from the word mikha, meaning “who is like,” and el, which refers to God.

What color are Mikey's eyes? ›

Mikey's eyes are usually dark brown.

What is Mikey's curse? ›

The Dark Impulses kept growing inside Mikey for decades, forcing him to become a self-destructive version of himself. The curse's objective was to destroy everything Shinichiro held dear, including his younger brother.

What color is Mikey's skin? ›

Michelangelo or Mike/Mikey is one of the four main protagonists in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a member of the TMNT.
Skin ColorLight Green
Eye ColorBaby Blue
WeaponKusarigama Nun-Chucks
TeamNinja Turtles
7 more rows

Is Manjiro a boy? ›

It is 1841 and Manjiro, a fourteen-year-old boy living in Japan, has found work as a fisherman on a small boat with four other men.

Who is the most badass character in Tokyo Revengers? ›

1) Mikey (Sano Manjirō)

The "Invincible" Mikey, is a well-deserved nickname for the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers. He is the leader of Toman in the past, and the leader of the Kanto Manji gang in the future. No matter how strong or large the opponent, Mikey has never lost a fight.

Who is the real main character in Tokyo Revengers? ›

Takemichi Hanagaki ( 花垣 はながき 武道 タケミチ , Hanagaki Takemichi?), or Takemitchy (タケミっち, Takemicchi?), is the protagonist of the Tokyo Revengers manga series as well as its anime adaptation.

In which country Tokyo Revengers is most popular? ›

Top 20 Most Popular Anime in Japan (July 2021), Tokyo Revengers Ranks First.

Who is the main leader of Tokyo Revengers? ›

Hanagaki Takemichi is the main character of the Tokyo Revengers series and the First Division Captain in the original Tokyo Manji Gang. Eventually, he becomes its new leader after reviving the gang with the other older members, adding some new ones to the mix.

Who is weakest in Tokyo Revengers? ›

10 Worst Tokyo Revengers Characters, Ranked
  1. 1 Kiyomasa Isn't As Tough As He Thinks He Is.
  2. 2 Sameyama Needed To Get Humbled. ...
  3. 3 Pah-Chin Is A Good Person Who Makes Bad Choices. ...
  4. 4 Osanai Deserves Worse Than He Got. ...
  5. 5 Hanma Is Only In It For The Thrill. ...
  6. 6 Hayashi Is Nothing But A Pawn. ...
Jan 4, 2023

Who is Takemichi girlfriend? ›

Hinata Tachibana ( 橘 たちばな 日向 ヒナタ , Tachibana Hinata?) is Takemichi Hanagaki's girlfriend.

Why is Mikey so famous Tokyo Revengers? ›

Mikey is the leader of the Tokyo Manji (Touman) gang, well respected for his exceptional martial arts skills. Despite his boyish physique, Mikey has no problem dealing with bigger opponents.

Is Tokyo Revengers Based on a true story? ›

Is Tokyo Revengers based on a true story? As it turns out, Ken Wakui was a gang member back in 2000 and that is which inspired the Tokyo Revengers story. So the author definitely took some inspiration from his past as a gang member to craft the story of Tokyo Revengers.

Is Tokyo Revengers ending? ›

Manga status

The Tokyo Revengers manga officially published its last chapter, the 278th, on November 16, 2022, bringing the series' controversial final arc to an end.

What does Mikey's jacket say? ›

The hoodie is inspired by Mikey, a founding member and leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang who also goes by the name Invincible Mikey. On the front of the hoodie it reads “Throughout Heaven and Earth, I alone am the honoured one” (天上天下,唯我独尊) while on the left arm it says “President and Founding Member” (初代総長).

Who is Takemichi best friend? ›

Akkun is Takemichi's right-hand man and best friend from his teenage years.


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